Who is Temprano Techvestors?

We’re a group of SaaS and electronically-distributed software experts who have worked with and for some of the biggest names in the industry, and now, that expertise is dedicated to bringing B2B software products to the North American market. We invest in our partners with expertise, outsourcing, strategic partnerships, and capital.

Our mission is to remove barriers to entry and become our partner’s fully-operational North American entity. We partner for success, and we are financially invested in your growth.

Our founder, Luke Walling, is a long-time serial entrepreneur, accomplished angel investor, and corporate executive known for building high-growth B2B software businesses. A sampling of past experience includes executive positions at AVG (NYSE:AVG) and Avast Software; board member and the first investor in Sharpspring (NYSE: SHSP); and his first endeavor, Walling Data, which he started on his own in his parents’ basement at age 15.

Our core leadership team has a combined nearly 100 years of experience in the technology industry. When you partner with Temprano Techvestors, our team is your team.


We’re not an advisor or agency that will tell you what to do and then bill you for it—we do all the heavy lifting and take you to market, truly building your North American presence and team.

We remove the risks and hassles of dealing with U.S. income, sales, and employment-related taxation, establishing a physical location and entity, and avoiding the costs of staffing and sourcing the right talent.

Temprano Techvestors not only invests capital and eliminates red tape, but also builds every element of our partner’s go-to-market strategy, including brand- and demand-building facets such as websites, sales teams, and technical support and implementation resources.

We are your fully operational North American entity


Bringing a successful software product to North America is so challenging that many companies fail—or don’t even try. Those that succeed often struggle to remain or become profitable.

That’s where we come in.

If you’re a successful B2B software company with great products that hasn’t yet figured out the United States and Canadian markets, we’re here to help.

Our key areas of expertise include Software as a Service (SaaS) or electronically-delivered, traditionally-licensed software in security technology or adjacent categories.

To be effective and efficient, we limit our number of engagements and work on an exclusive basis with our partners in the United States and Canada.

If our partners don’t win, we don’t win.

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